Avira Launches 2015 Antivirus Security Software

TETTNANG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IT security expert Avira today announced the arrival of the Avira 2015 product line, which includes a superior engine to supply the best security detection on the market as well as enhanced mobile security offerings for both Android and iOS devices that provide digital protection for all facets of a person’s life: computers, mobile devices and the internet.

For the first time, as part of the product download Avira users will receive Avira Browser Safety (ABS) that keeps users safe while browsing the Internet, and Avira SafeSearch which protects privacy by blocking website-based threats. Users also will have the opportunity to install Dropbox as part of the download process for new Avira 2015 products.

Avira’s focus in recent years of securing the person and not just the computer is even in sharper focus with the release of Avira 2015. Avira Protection Cloud continues to provide paid users the ability to identify malware faster by uploading suspicious files for instant analysis. Avira’s fastest-ever anti-malware engine, xVDF (extended Virus Definition File) increases the number of virus definition files and optimizes the download speed of the files, which results in faster system start, smaller Virus Definition file size with each update, reduced VDF download volume, and much lower resource consumption by the product.

Avira’s new 2015 product offerings are all managed through Avira Online Essentials, the cross-platform application for installing and managing Avira security apps–on all of the computers, tablets and mobile phones that a consumer owns–all in one place via an easy-to-use dashboard. Avira Online Essentials makes it easy to protect all devices with one solution that works with them all.

“Avira has been very focused in the last two years to provide product enhancements in a real-time manner throughout the calendar year, but we also know it’s important to communicate with users all of the new features of our 2015 product,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira. “As a cohesive team, our product managers have done a very good job of providing product features that our customers want and features that protect the entire digital life of each user.”



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